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City of Deventer


Recommendation of alderman Thomas Walder

Dear entrepreneur,

Deventer Hanseatic city. This title means that Deventer originated as a city of trade. Entrepreneurship is in Deventer’s genes, and we have a diversity of companies, both large and small. We also have international companies, or companies with an international focus. You could say we pride ourselves on making room for entrepreneurs in Deventer.

Deventer is also a city of knowledge, and we have courses with students participating in high-tech training and exchange programmes with countries all over the world. Undoubtedly, knowledge and entrepreneurship stimulate each other in a wonderful way in Deventer.

But there’s more!

Deventer’s position along the IJssel river and the A1 motorway makes it a perfect base for trade with countries such as Germany. In the other direction, we have access to the west of the Netherlands, with its large international ports and airports.

As Alderman for economy, I am extremely happy with the work that the SME Trade Office is doing to supporting our entrepreneurs in their trade with other countries. The large number of members, SMEs, also shows that there is a need for Deventer entrepreneurs to look beyond the city and national borders. In this respect, the facilitating role of the SME Trade Office has already proved its value to numerous entrepreneurs in the region.

This professional business hub ensures that SMEs in our municipality have access to foreign business partners, and that they can showcase themselves abroad. This is not only a good thing for those entrepreneurs who are already active in Deventer, but it also makes our municipality attractive for new businesspeople.

As alderman of the city of Deventer, I am proud to present MKB Trade Office as the international business hub of our region and look forward to welcoming your business!

Thomas Walder, alderman for economy and international affairs of the City of Deventer.


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