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App development is the main thing that comes to mind for this business. Willem van Rossum and Mathijs Tieleman enjoy running their company 2 Monkeys very much. They are continuously looking for new casual games that can be developed for Android and Apple (iOS). They put a lot of energy in the development, marketing and sale of the games.
2 Moneys is a company that works on improving and changing their products with a team of eight people on a daily basis. Employees with different disciplines, developers-app-marketing, data analysis, graphic design and content creators. In addition, 2 Monkeys outsource part of their work to countries abroad.

After following the developments of the internet, the choice to start working on app development was made. Games you can play on your phone or tablet. Emptying your head for a while and focusing your concentration on something else. One of their most successfully developed apps is a series of drawing apps. The people behind 2 Monkeys thought it would be great for kids, but they soon realised that it were large numbers of grown-ups that started buying the app. The app has been bought in over 227 countries.
Aiming to be the best in your field leads to innovation and quality. With information analysis, user statistics and feedback to previously released apps, 2 Monkeys can understand who their end users are and what they want. However, time is of importance as well. The time-to-market for a puzzle app is one and a half year while four people are continuously working on developing the app. Being constantly aware of the 3 biggest competitors and the wish to bring a better product on the market.

The world is the playing field
Insight, discipline and hard work and an amazing amount of fun has led to a successful business. 2 Monkeys is the company in the Netherlands with the most app installs on Android. Worldwide, 60 million apps have been installed in 227 countries. Every day, over 350,000 users play one of their 35 developed apps.

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