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Henk van de Brink spent most of his career in management positions in the software sector. During his most recent job, he came into contact with the Austrian software manufacturer, Because Software AG. They had developed a niche product for advertising agencies, and Henk, who had seen quite a bit in the software world, was very impressed: ‘That’s what software should be!’. The Austrians didn’t have an agent in the Benelux at the time; Henk decided he would do the job for them, and 4youstandby was established in 2007.

Because Software has been on the market for over 30 years. The company is specialised as a leading software supplier for advertising agencies. Their EasyJOB solution is characterised by a high level of functionality and individual customisation. EastJOB was developed to provide a total solution with a wide range of features: tried-and-tested project and task processing from budgeting to invoicing, reporting and monitoring, document management, email integration, resource planning, and many other modules and interfaces that form the basis of an optimal workflow. What makes this software unique is the highly customisable graphical interface. EasyJOB provides customers with the overview they need and saves them a lot of time and money.

Today, more than 19,000 users from some 800 advertising agencies use EasyJOB software for their day-to-day activities. The average number of users per customer varies widely, from 10 to 250 users in Germany to 2 to 70 users in the Netherlands. The software is positioned in the market as a SaaS solution.

Henk’s first customer was an advertising agency with 60 employees in Helmond. During an extensive presentation for the company’s management team, the agency director said, ‘This is exactly what I’m looking for.’ Since then, dozens of agencies in the Netherlands and a thousand employees have worked with EasyJOB software. This number continues to grow steadily through favourable word-of-mouth advertising and targeted online marketing campaigns. One main benefit is that the customer turnover has been minimal. More than 50% of their global users have been EasyJOB clients for over a decade.

The future

Besides EasyJOB, Henk has acquired distribution rights to several other international software companies. This includes a new and up-and-coming software solution that Henk expects will do particularly well on the Dutch market.

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