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vintage & design furniture

55 Concept

Vintage & Design

If you have a dream, follow your heart. This is one of the many ways to start a company., a company for vintage & design furniture, was created in this way. From his tastefully decorated living room, Wouter Kroezen talks about, his network, the designers and about always looking for new items.

A good business plan, market research and planning has led to a flying start of After years of experience at Ikea and an excellent eye and ear for customer needs, was started in late 2016. Wouter said: “Going from a multinational to being self-employed is a big change.” A good preparation did lead to prominent places on several different websites.

Designers from Scandinavia and the Netherlands
Because of Wouter’s knowledge of design, his flexibility and his continuous search for new objects, he can meet the needs of customers. His living room is redecorated with new items each week. A conscious decision that allows buyers to try the furniture themselves – by appointment only.

Astonishment about export
Vintage & design furniture is hot. This might be related to the growing economy. The Dutch market is relatively small.’s turnover is growing because the furniture is mostly bought by customers abroad. Within half a year, the company exports over 75% of its turnover to consumers in large European cities.
A logistical process that creates new challenges. Wouter said with a smile: “I saw myself delivering the furniture in the Netherlands, having good customer relations and seeing happy faces. Within half a year, trucks picked up the furniture and delivered them to customers all over Europe, and even transport aircrafts.”
The company has made promising plans for the upcoming years. will move to a new location in Wilp at the end of 2018, so many vintage & design concepts can be displayed. They are looking forward to that very much!

Export Countries

Denmark | Germany | England | France | Greece | Austria | Russia | Turkey | South Korea


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