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Industrial Design

Deventer is a city rich of experience, creative industry and innovation within all sectors, which is a privilege by and for entrepreneurs. There is so much talent that contributes a great deal to the economy (in Deventer). Franziska Faoro is one of them. With her company 6’4” [ six-foot-four ], a design agency, she designs for and with companies in the Netherlands and worldwide. She was raised in Germany, where she completed her studies, and worked for GRO design and Nokia. She is the one that designed the Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile phone. Colourful, a sublime flat design and user friendly. A design that shows that Franziska thinks about the many aspects that make a design timeless. Strategic thinking and making user comfort a priority in order to develop a flat and handy mobile phone.

Franziska started her career at GRO design in Eindhoven, where she worked on strategic projects for companies such as Microsoft, Samsung and Panasonic. After GRO design, she worked at Nokia in London as senior industrial designer for the Smart Devices Team (high-end smart phones for the worldwide market) and the Forward Design Team (development of future concepts). It was eventually love that brought her to Deventer. In the Havenkwartier, she has started her own studio for innovation and product development.

Franziska said: “Being a designer is looking differently, by keeping a goal in mind in order to create an object that is user friendly, has a friendly operation system and is handy. I think with the golden rule of the Fibonacci sequence in mind. That is how nature works and applying it to design is essential for a good design.” For a designer, it doesn’t matter where you are situated. For Franziska, Deventer is a centre within a country, from which she can simply move to North and South and West and East. Her international network knows how to find her and she is able to convince these people of the richness and comfort that the city has to offer her as well. In the previous months, Franziska has developed new innovations. ‘The Solution’ by NEXI Industries is one of them. ‘The Solution’ is a wireless pedal board for guitarists with a revolutionary clicking system with pedals without wires. For this design, Franziska received the iF Design Award 2017 and a Red Dot Design Award 2017. Thanks to her amazing knowledge and insight within her area of expertise, we will be able to enjoy many more beautiful designs from Franziska during the upcoming months.

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