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A Led Inn


A Led Inn has been active in the lighting sector for more than a decade. The name exudes quality. Lighting plays a crucial role in every building and in every space, a far more vital role than many people realise. Just think about it: lighting creates atmosphere, lighting stimulates concentration, lighting influences our feelings, lighting provides comfort and lighting contributes to our pleasure at work.

Countrywide coverage

The team of seven professionals provides expert advice on lighting and can also install all lamps and fixtures on location if required. Some 1,000 projects are realised annually. Clients come from the BtoB segment all over The Netherlands. Electrical contractors are an important target group. Schools and companies also buy directly from the firm.

A Led Inn sources products for customers at a keen price and provides a lighting blueprint which includes calculations on savings. While the Dutch market dominates business, indoor and outdoor lighting is also supplied to Belgium and occasionally to Germany.

Service central

A Led Inn cherishes its long-term relations with clients. Managing director Nick de Negro: “We are not simply in the business of supplying lighting. Service is every bit as important, maybe more important. Every year we phone our clients to make sure they are satisfied and ask if there are any things we can improve on. This keeps us on our toes and able to react immediately to any new demands. Besides our distinctive approach to service, we are strong in online shopping.

Export ambition

A Led Inn is expanding fast, thanks largely to an increase in online sales. De Negro: “Belgian customers are keen to order from Dutch online stores and this rubs off on us. We are receiving more and more orders from Belgium via our online store which features about 6,000 lighting articles. Germans are also finding their way to our website and we are looking at ways to strengthen our sales drive in Germany.


Export Countries

Belgium | Germany


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