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ABV Metal Factory


ABV Metal Factory is a fantastic business, uniquely situated in the forests of Voorst. The company was established in 2013 and is run by Ilva Oonk together with her partner. Ilva: ‘2013 perhaps wasn’t the best year to start a business, but we did manage to turn it into a thriving business over the years.’ The company started out in Lettele in a small hall measuring 110 m2. No less than six months later, this space turned out to be too small, and the business moved to Teuge, where they relocated to a 240-m2 space. A year later, they were forced to move once more due to lack of space; the business first moved to Twello and, in 2021, to Voorst.

Unusual location

The business is now located in what is called the ‘MOB complex’, an old military warehousing complex in the middle of nature, in what were formerly two Leopard tank garages. ABV Metal Factory produces interior elements mainly for bars, restaurants and hotels and for the refrigerated cabinet industry. The business also supplies adaptive furniture with a fun look for institutions.


The company uses a combination of metalworking and powder coating, which is relatively unique in the Netherlands. This means that everything is taken care of for the customer with a high level of reliability. Moreover, the company is proud of its highly motivated and professional staff who thrive in ABV Metal Factory’s pleasing work atmosphere.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Italy | USA | China