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Steel goods


Steel goods

Adola is an 87-year old family business and as a wholesaler specializing in the distribution and sale of steel products: knives, scissors, multi-tools, flashlights, optics and a wide range of innovative outdoor products. At Adola, strong brands such as Leatherman, Buck, Light My Fire, Spyderco, Olight, Nite Ize, Cold Steel and Benchmade are often exclusively distributed in the Benelux.

Focus on B2B Director Jerko van den Hazel: We sell these brands exclusively to companies. It is not sold to the consumer, because then we cannibalize our own customers. Our more than 2,000 customers consist of large retail chains, independent retailers, web shops, gift shops, promotional gift suppliers and companies where staff need knives, flashlights and related items in the production process.

The order volumes vary from annual to sometimes-daily orders. This can be delivered super-fast from the large warehouse with over 4,000 different items. Adola also supports its customers with (in-store) marketing. Jerko: “We help them to successfully sell our products”.

Belgium Adola is doing well in the Netherlands, the company has an excellent reputation. That is why more and more suppliers started to approach them whether they wanted to do the Belgian market. A few years ago it was decided to appoint a representative for sec the Belgian market. This paid off in a growing customer portfolio.

The ambition is to increase in Belgium; there are still many potential customers to approach. The focus remains on the Netherlands and Belgium. It is in any case difficult to enter new countries because many supplier dealerships have already been forgiven here. In addition, Jerko is of the opinion that focusing on existing customers is more useful than chasing new customers: Existing customers should not be left to the brunt of our growth ambitions. By paying attention to existing customers and supporting them well in their sales and marketing, we also achieve growth. In terms of distribution, this is also more convenient and cheaper.

Growth through web shops
Adola has also been supplying Internet parties for a number of years. We are very critical and do not deliver to each party. We are an A-brand and therefore want to do business with the A-brands web shops. We already supply a number of these and we expect expansion here too, “says Jerko.

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