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Software company for the agricultural sector


Software company for the agricultural sector

Agrovision, under the inspiring lead of Karel Heijink, is a big player for software solutions worldwide in the farming sector. Because of the changes in this sector, the demand for essential information about livestock, poultry and crop cultivation, both financially as administratively, is inevitable. External customers also want to have insights into accurate numbers. Software with key figures about livestock, livestock farming, food, etc., is extraordinarily important for every farming company and its customers. The same goes for crop cultivation, standards are very high if it comes to seeds, products and origin.

Worldwide market growth is mainly about patience. ”We started internally by hanging a world map in almost every room”, says Heijink. “Then the external game of traveling (get out there), research, investing, negotiations and especially patience starts.” Step by step with the right focus, curiosity and concentration we will interest new markets and distributors for the Agrovision software products. It is important to be present at important fairs, which makes Agrovision known to a large audience.

Cloud and mobile
Years of experience made sure that various software packages have been created. The software receives new data every day, via benchmark tools amongst others. A good collaboration with universities enables combining scientific research with knowledge and experience of farmers (consumers) and the expertise of Agrovisionists. Well-functioning software which is available in the cloud and mobile, which makes sure that all customers have an overview of the livestock, food or crop cultivation, up to the transportation to the customer.

Agrovision stands for expertise and knowledge of the agricultural market. The growth within Europe is rising steadily. Recently a lot has been acquired in Denmark, which also happened for Belgium and Spain before. The upcoming years even more will follow. The software market develops very quickly and the expertise of Agrovision is of exceptional level.

Export Countries

Belgium | Denmark | Germany | Finland | Great Britain | Russia | Spain |
China | Japan | United States


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