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Smart Logistics


The smart pallet

AHRMAcoatings is a company which specialises in intelligent sustainable transport packaging. “There was a demand on the market for firmer, sustainable product. Preferably a pallet that can be easily found. We have developed an intelligent, hybrid pallet,” says Erik de Bokx, CEO of Ahrma Holding BV.

Ahrma combines new materials with the newest technology, with which the company responds to ‘the Internet of Things’. The Ahrma pallet has been designed in collaboration with Greenpanel® and comes with a PU-coating by BASF.


Ahrma has developed an active, wireless transponder for inside pallets. The transponder is equipped with a track & trace-software with which the position, movement, temperature, loading status and every possible impact of ‘dropping’ of the pallets can be recorded.

Such an intelligent system offers significant advantages for the reuse of transport packaging. All goods can be traced in ‘real time’ without needing much input from an operator, with minimum costs and minimum investments in infrastructure. Additionally, the transponder measures the acceleration, the temperature and the weight, which results in valuable, operational information for the user through the Ahrma Supply Chain Big Data System.

BASF has entered into a strategic collaboration with Ahrma in order to launch smart, logistical solutions onto the market together.

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