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Car accessories

Businessman Andy Kloppenburg launched a customised car modification service for cars on the market and soon discovered that he had found an untapped market. In 2004, AKTO BV was established with a site in Apeldoorn.

Today, AKTO is among the most exclusive optical tuning businesses in the Netherlands.

AKTO specialises in providing reconstructions, facelifts and technical modifications for the latest and most exclusive car models from brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche and Mini. The team consisting of five professionals customises cars to meet the customers’ every need with: bumper kits, LED daylights, Llumar window film, rims, leather interiors, technical import modifications and much, much more.

With the business’ continued growth, the workshop located at the Wilmersdorf in Apeldoorn has been renovated several times to accommodate a showroom and a new workshop. Their product range includes sport rims, tyres and leather interiors.

Besides optical tuning, AKTO also offers maintenance and damage repair services to car owners. A relatively new service is facilitating the import of cars. Suppose the customer wishes to import a car from Germany or the US. In that case, matters need to be arranged, such as road/sea transportation, insurance, inward clearance, converting US certificates of title to German vehicle registration, taxation, BPM declaration guidance, the entire inspection process, registration of ownership and technical modifications. AKTO takes care of everything and has extensive experience with the import of US and German cars.

One of their specialities is carrying out original technical modifications, a requirement for importing cars from the US.

AKTO Exclusive has over 400 complete and original car rim sets in stock, which can be viewed in their state-of-the-art showroom. These are also sold online to surrounding countries and are mainly supplied from stock. AKTO is internationally known for its broad range, including rare and large-sized rims and exclusive designs. Not many businesses in Europe have such a large selection at their disposal.

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