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Lifting and Transport specialist

Albert van de Scheur

Lifting and Transport specialist

This third generation family business is operating as a specialty logistics company for 83 years. Albert van de Scheur started with a horse and carriage back then. Meanwhile the company has grown into a specialist in industrial movement with 35 very motivated employees.

Total partner
The services go way beyond transport, according to director Johan van de Scheur. “We are specialized in industrial movement such as production lines, machines and even complete factories. This means we have specialists who take the machines apart, package, transport and put them back together again. This mainly takes place in Europe. Sometimes we will make a special detour. One time we dismantled a complete production line in the Netherlands for a client, shipped it in 30 sea containers to Portland, America and rebuilt everything in six weeks.”

Every project is tailor-made. Usually clients want the work done as fast as possible. Operational director Peter Schoenmaker tells that another strong point, besides craftsmanship, is the company’s flexibility and efficiency.
“A client requested us to set up a new production line during the coupe crisis in Turkey because their employees did not want to go to Turkey. After a consultation with our employees we took the job and built a new production line turn-key ready in a few weeks. We got the biggest compliment afterwards: our people could not have done it better”.

Knowledgeable personnel
Besides complete company movements a lot of work consists of moving/placing machines and production lines. Van de Scheur does this for a lot of Dutch & International machine builders in all of Europe. Van de Scheur got commissioned by a quoted Japanese machine builder to supply the Bank of England with 7 new money presses.
Van de Scheur foresees a big future for the maker industry in the Netherlands and with that also for his company. More and more is being produced, such as foods, technology, but also packaging for example, meaning work will always come our way. The high quality of Dutch personnel is another advantage. Craftsmanship is appreciated. Clients will always return when delivering good work in a specialized niche market and they view us as their partner, not as a supplier.

Export Countries

Europe | Turkey | Japan | USA


Albert van de Scheur | Peter Schoenmaker