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Distributor of the Samsung Climate Control brand


Distributor of the Samsung Climate Control brand

Ambrava supplies sustainable climate control systems as an exclusive distributor for Samsung in the Benelux. This concerns heat pumps, air conditioning systems and heat recovery ventilation systems. Ambrava supplies these products in a wide range, for both residential and large utility applications.

Director and founder Rimme van der Ree: “Our products are technically innovative and make an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Anyone who wants to make his or her building future-proof and sustainable is at the right address. With our systems, in addition to reducing energy consumption, we are often able to significantly increase the comfort of the user. It is good to be busy not only with technology, but also with contributing to a better climate. ”
Ambrava expects to grow significantly with the Samsung brand. More and more private individuals and companies want to work on sustainability. The combination of a heat pump and, for example, solar panels makes a gas connection redundant and can provide zero on the energy meter.

From its headquarters in Apeldoorn, Ambrava serves fourteen employees in around 500 installation companies in the Netherlands. From the Belgian office in Brecht there are about 200 companies in Belgium and Luxembourg. Ambrava not only supplies products but also has an extensive program of technical training, which she offers free of charge to installers. Together with the installer, Ambrava ensures that a suitable solution is offered for every application.

Strong in innovation
In the field of innovation Ambrava and Samsung are working hard together. For example, Samsung was the first manufacturer to develop a patented round air-con cassette. Due to the round shape no dead corners arise in the air circulation. A novelty is that corporate logos can also be printed on this air conditioning system. In particular, the innovative systems for larger buildings that can simultaneously cool and heat are interesting. After the building has been energetically balanced, it is checked whether the heat pump extracts additional heat from the outside air or whether it is properly disposed of so that the building is optimally provided with a good indoor climate.

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