The famliy business Ameco (Amsterdam Meat Company) has, as the name suggests, her roots in Amsterdam. Since fall 2017 the company moved to Apeldoorn. The company butches and processes Dutch quality cattle for retail, catering wholesale and industry. In the Apeldoorn office there is enough space for 170 employees. Together they butch and process 1600 cows per week. Director Jan van Westreenen explains the Apeldoorn move: “Conveniently located at the A1 and the A50, in the center of agricultural area and an important distribution partner of ours, Grolleman Coldstore, is right across the road.”

Dutch cattle
Ameco differentiates through its exclusive choice for exclusive Dutch cattle: tender and tasty meat from own soil. Ameco can control the complete chain thanks to this choice, from buying, butchering, processing, packaging and transport. Security and quality are on top of their agenda: As proven by their BRC-A certification.

Client first
Customer is king at Ameco. Van Westreenen: “We will do anything the client requests. If they want a certain type of processing for their meat we will do it, even in small batches. ” In addition: a deal is a deal. Which results in almost no customer loss. Our revenue grew from 5 million to 90-95 million euro per year at this moment. 35% of our revenue consists of export. Which is a logical consequence from the many different eating cultures in various countries. Fat meat is not done in the Netherlands, while this is a delicacy in Spain. We hardly do anything with the cow’s tails, while these are in high demand in Portugal”.

Meat with a story
Consumers want a good piece of meat on their plate, especially when eating out. Preferably they want meat with a story. Ameco serves her clients the best parts of the Dutch milk-cow: from tenderloin to entrecotes, from ribeye to ross beef and from short ribs to tomahawk steaks.

Quality over Quantity
Van Westreenen is not focused on growth, but on constant improvement: “We want to be the best and stay the best, growth will come naturally”.

Export Countries

Germany | France | Spain | Portugal | Italy | Denmark | United Kingdom | Malta


Ameco | Jan van Westreenen