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Anneke Winterman

Visual artist

Anneke Winterman is passionate about nature. As an Autonomous Visual Arts graduate from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, she draws most of her inspiration from nature. Anneke: ‘I highlight nature’s finest details in my work. That’s where the beauty of nature really comes to life; in the veins that run through leaves, in plant and flower buds, in the array of seeds left behind once sunflowers have finished flowering, and many more details that often escape our eye.’ She works out these details into etchings, drawings, paintings and lino prints.

Her artworks are mainly sold through exhibitions. Anneke is often present at these exhibitions to inform visitors and elaborate on her works. Her latest series of artworks revolve around the theme of climate change art. Her goal is to get people to start thinking about the consequences of mass deforestation in the Amazon and the resulting global warming and forest fires worldwide. Anneke notices that art lovers appreciate having personal contact with the artist – with the added benefit that it encourages the sale of her artworks.

Art education

Besides making and selling her own art, Anneke has a second business activity. Through her Art with the class programme, she develops art and nature lesson plans for primary schools. She has a tertiary-level education certification in the visual arts and CKV (arts and cultural development), and she uses these skills in her own Centre for Art, Nature and Education. The possibilities are endless, from a series of arts and nature lessons around a theme to a one-day project, guest lectures, or an art week. During these courses, she takes the children out into the outdoors. She has recently taught arts and nature lessons at the St. Antoniusschool in De Vecht and the St. Martinusschool in Bussloo. The schools are situated close to nature, so she was able to take the children to the Pol estate, streams behind the school grounds, and the recreational lake in Bussloo.

The lessons were developed around the theme ‘The Water Cycle’. For all the primary level groups from year 1 through year 6, Anneke designed fun, engaging lessons, and children of all ages joined in enthusiastically. Anneke is convinced that children who learn to look at and create art at a young age are more conscious of the world around them. Moreover, being outdoors is healthy, and children learn to appreciate the natural environment, including the trees, birds, streams and all of nature’s inhabitants. Anneke: ‘All the senses are involved, which makes it much easier for the children to retain what they’ve learned.’

She also gives workshops to businesses and individuals on how to observe the world around them and the link between art and nature.

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Anneke Winterman | Anneke Winterman