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Engineering and Consultancy Firm

Antea Group

Engineering and Consultancy Firm

Antea Group (formerly Oranjewoud) is an internationally operating engineering and consultancy agency. With over 3,500 employees, 75 locations on all six continents of the world, the company is active. Its six Dutch locations have a total of around 1,700 employees of which the location in Deventer has 150.

Antea Group combines strategic thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge with technical expertise and pragmatism. This is why they offer effective and sustainable answers to the questions of clients. These clients are governments and, in recent year, also increasingly more private clients. They are service through the business lines Management & Realisation, Infra, Environment & Safety, Construction & Installations, Contracts & Licenses, Space and Water and Sports. Every locations has these disciplines in-house, and every locations has its own specific focus. Antea Group is part of the international network Inogen. This is an alliance of mostly environmental consultancy agencies who use each other’s expertise for each other’s clients on a global scale.

Below, you will find some examples of recent projects that where supported from the location in Deventer:

A project in the harbour of Singapore where underground tanks are built for storage of oil products. The safety must be created and guaranteed because of the explosion risk.

A production machine for the automotive industry was built in the United States and has to be exported to Brazil. Antea Group tests the procedures and the material for this export. The outcome is that the production surroundings in Brazil must be adjusted in order to guarantee safety.

An oil and gas firm from China wants to have insights into the fire risk around the storage depots in China. The company’s safety department has extended and the procedures have improved, partly thanks to the advice of Antea Group.

An international firm which produces production machines for the manufacturing of juice packaging wants to investigate procedures for the installation of its machines, as these vary per country. The outcome: the procedures can be applied on a worldwide level, and the strictest safety conditions are met.

Export ambition

The ambition for the near future is to optimise the collaboration and knowledge exchange between the offices worldwide. There are particularly opportunities in the Middle East and in North and South America.

Export Countries



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