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Film Productions

Apex Audio Visuals

Film Productions

Apex Audio Visuals produces entire television programmes as well as promotional, product and corporate videos for companies, institutions and broadcasters. The focus is on communication and creativity. Film is our language: we create, produce and depict ideas in images. For more than 25 years we have been making video productions for our clients with love and passion.

Entrepreneurs Melissa Bouwmeester en Joris Jansen: “We like to think outside the box. Our productions have been screened at countless trade fairs, featured on social media and broadcast on regional, national and international TV stations. Broadcasters, managers of performing artists and advertising agents approach us because they know for certain we can always achieve the best result, whatever the circumstances”.

All facilities under one roof

Filming at Apex Audio Visuals is very varied. One moment the team is shooting a product or company video, the next recording a TV programme in its own studio. Apex Audio Visuals is also active in Hilversum, the epicentre of Dutch broadcasting, where it provides the camerawork for the weekly RTL4 programme ‘House Vision’ and the RTL7 show ‘Megarun’. Video clips for Dutch artistes are another speciality of the house, including clips for singers Frans Duijts, Tino Martin, Jannes en Thomas Berge.

Quality is king!

Apex Audio Visuals is synonymous with quality and utilizes the most advanced, top-of-the-range cameras. The sky’s the limit, literally, in terms of technical possibilities with film. This makes video an obvious medium of choice. Meticulous attention is paid to preparation. The aim of the video is precisely identified and then a script is written around it to convey the customer’s message in a creative, distinct and effective manner. Drones can be set in for aerial photography if needed. Apex Audio Visuals has access to the newest DJl drones and is one of the few Dutch companies to be ROC certified.

FIlming abroad

Up to 600 productions a year are filmed, a number of them shot abroad. This may be for a TV programme or a film for a company operating overseas.

Export Countries

Directly | Germany | Indirect | Spain | Turkey | Norway | Hungary | Romania | Indonesia | South Africa | Bonaire


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