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Hairdresser and Hair Cosmetics

Artistique Nederland & Verbago Haircosmetics

Hairdresser and Hair Cosmetics

Artistique is a top quality Dutch producer of hair cosmetics. The company is 100% independent and has its own development laboratory. Artistique Netherlands: by and for hairdressers. Willy and Paul Göbel, two gentlemen who share a vision for hairdressing and the hair cosmetics that go with it. ‘They want to deliver a product of unprecedented quality.’ Artistique Netherlands was founded in 1995. It is a family company that internally produces everything in the field of hair cosmetics.

Hair cosmetics
Every day, 40 people work on improving, changing and developing new product lines. A success formula for the hairdresser sector, products of excellent top quality and a good price to quality ratio. The development and production take place in Deventer. Artistique has its own laboratory, several different production lines for hair products and a press department for its packages. A studio where courses are being taught every Monday. In addition to the company in Deventer, Artistique owns six hair salons.

Ingrid Göbel-Fortuin tells us everything about the company. She built the company together with her husband Willy and his brother Paul. In the meantime, their sons are also involved and they can see the company grow. An intense collaboration within the team contributes to the quick development and the production of new lines. In addition to the product lines, the production process is being improved, so the process can be following from a distance. Invented by son Nick, how great is that.

Artistique Netherlands exports its products, its own brand and as a private label under Verbago Haircosmetics b.v., all over Europe. There are enough opportunities for further growth. They would also like to offer their products in the Middle East. This is possible, but will take time. New business relationships are often made at international fairs, of which Cosmoprof in Bologna is one of the most important ones.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Bulgaria | Hungary | Austria | Poland | Russia | Slovakia | Czech Republic | Switzerland | Greece | Cyprus | Estonia | Lithuania | Finland | Ukraine | Saudi Arabia | South Africa


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