Sleeping Comfort


Sleeping Comfort

Koninklijke Auping is an innovative family company that delivers optimum sleeping comfort to its customers. A good night’s rest contributes to a healthy and energetic life. This was founder Johannes Auping’s idea when he started producing health matrasses (spirals) for hospitals in 1888. From his belief that a well-rested world is a better world, Auping has been gathering knowledge and experience for 130 in the field of sleep and the power of rest. Meanwhile, the company has become an international producer of beds, matrasses, pillows, duvets and bed textiles. Auping has over 300 employees.

Market leader in sustainability and innovation Jan-Joost Bosman, General Director of Koninklijke Auping, says that attention to sustainability is in Auping’s genes. They have been working on it since the company was founded! Auping is market leader in the field of sustainability in the sector and beyond. Auping was the first in the market to introduce the Auping Take Back System (ATBS) for matrasses, which means they take back, disassemble and recycle the old matrass when a new matrass is being purchased.

The company is a role model in the field of circular entrepreneurship. They embrace the cradle-to-cradle principle and do not throw away waste, but use the material for something else. Auping is the first bed factory in the world with the cradle-to-cradle certificate.

Sustainability certificates Auping’s sustainability achievements receive much attention from the market. Many national and international hotel chains and nature parks would like to receive sustainability certificates, and the purchase of Auping beds helps to achieve that.

What also makes Auping special is that they do not produce based on stock, but on market demand. Auping means custom work, manual labour and craftsmanship. Not ‘one size fits all’, but with attention to personal qualities and preferences. Order are produced with an average delivery time of two weeks and are delivered to around 500 sales points.

In the Netherlands, Auping has a strong position on the market. They want to achieve increase in sales by exporting and attracting new target groups. Around 45% of all sales already comes from export. Auping already has ten stores in Germany and this number will increase. In 2016, they started selling their products to consumers online as well.

Export Countries

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