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Used Car Exporter

Autobedrijf Hoog Stoevenbeld

Used Car Exporter

On the outskirts of Deventer, an automotive company is situated, where Gerbert Hoog Stoevenbeld has been exporting secondhanded cars for years. A company that offers its goods to the customer in store and on the internet. According to Gerbert: “I noticed very little of the crises the last years. We do see a decrease in the offer of secondhanded cars that was caused by the crises. People tend to keep their car longer or go for a new small car.”

Since he was sixteen, Gerbert has been a car mechanic and has worked for different automotive companies. He took over his father’s business in 2000. A rebuilt farm with a park full of fixed up cars, ready for sale. Prices vary and go up to around 10k. When purchasing, he immediately estimates whether he can make profit with the car on the European or African market. After an inspection in the workplace and an MOT-test, the car is ready for the Dutch market.

The exporting of cars gradually came to life. From 2000, the demand for secondhanded cars in Eastern European countries has increased. A new market with opportunities he took. Many cars and vans have been exported to Poland, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries over the past years. The open borders in Europe have also contributed to the growth of the company. A large diversity of cars is also being exported to African countries. Gerbert: “But only the countries where they drive on the right side!” Depending on the regime of the African country, Gerbert can see the demand decreasing or increasing. A market that is also subject to insecurities, but for every country that leaves, another country will come in its place.

Hoog Stoevenbeld also takes care of the paperwork involved in exporting a car. After a cancellation, a letter of indemnity and potential insurance, the customer will get a white license plate and fifteen days’ time to transport the car to the country of destination or to drive it there themselves.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Estonia | France | Hungary | Latvia | Lithuania | Poland | Romania | Serbia | Czech Republic | Benin | Georgia | Ghana | Guinea | Jordan | Libya | Ukraine | Morocco | Moldova | Nigeria


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