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Avantes develops and produces spectrometers: a small high-tech device that lets you measure in the light spectrum. The applications are numerous: whether it’s process control in the production of solar panels, measuring maize nutritional values directly on a harvesting machine, measuring air pollutants to determine air quality or early diagnosis of tumours.

Preferred supplier
With a combination of high-tech hardware and software, Avantes offers measurement solutions and useful information at the highest level. “We are the preferred supplier of world players,” says CEO Benno Oderkerk with a twinkle in his eyes.

Avantes has more than 13 million worldwide sales, of which 95% exports. “Unlike the trend, I export a lot to China. We employ 15 people in China who sell our products there. Our expanded network of distributors is still expanding to maximize customers of all nationalities. “

In 2011, Avantes was established in Apeldoorn in an 80’s building on the Oude Apeldoornseweg. The business building has now been fully preserved, from energy label G to A, Benno tells with some pride. Meanwhile, it is a high-tech production and office environment with 400 solar panels on the roof and hybrid car in front of the door.

Unlimited applications
Benno talks enthusiastically about all possible applications. For example, their measuring systems are also used to measure gems. “I was at an exhibition in Antwerp and spoke to a lady wearing a ring of rubies. I said I could measure whether they were natural or synthetic rubies. It turned out that one of the stones was not a natural ruby. The lady walked away angry, but later returned. It turned out that the ring was cleaned and a synthetic one replaced a stone. Meanwhile, we are the preferred supplier for a company that certifies diamonds.

According to Benno, spectroscopy as technology is still in its beginning. You’ll be surprised of how much further it can grow!


Export Countries

Worldwide |

Growth markets | Germany (agriculture and horticulture) | France and Italy (food and beverages)


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