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Trade in Asian Art

Aziatische Kunst

Trade in Asian Art

Peter Vredeveld founded his company Asian Art because of his passion for Southern Eastern Asia. That passion arose during his backpack travels in the area. He caught the bug for entrepreneurship after seeing all of the Asian art he encountered that was being traded there. Buddha sculptures, especially from Burma, are Peter’s area of expertise. In the former Johannes Maria Vianney-church in the Rielerweg in Deventer, the largest collection of Buddha sculptures of the Netherlands can be admired and purchased. The collection varies from a small sculpture from the eighth century to larger ones made of stone.

Peter has built a large network in Burma for purchasing art. Around 20% of all items are real antique sculptures. The buyers are very diverse. What they have in common is that a Buddha sculpture exudes serenity and peace, with which you can create an altar in your house or office. The majority of the sculptures are sold to individuals. A mall part is sold to resellers. 90% of the total turnover goes to countries abroad, of which the majority is transported to the United States and European countries.

Three years ago, Peter started concentrating his focus completely on the internet. A good choice! The assortment has been digitalised and 15 websites offer access for different countries. Peter takes care of digitalisation, online availability and transport himself. The internet visibility is being outsourced to two Nepalese employees.

The growth of the company during the last years has forced Peter to move to a new location to expand his assortment. Peter found this location in the former catholic church in the Rielerweg in Deventer. Since 2016, over 5,000 Buddha sculptures have been stored in the church. The nearby vicarage serves as office and home for Peter and his family.

Peter is very positive about the future. Thanks to his focus on the internet, the turnover has increased drastically the past years. The new location offers opportunities for further growth. Peter: “The coming year, I want to start growing on the Asian market. I notice that I am getting much more orders from there. With some extra focus, I could keep grow even further over there. Organising viewing and buying days or other events are also on the agenda. After all, nothing beats real contact with my customers.”

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