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Bakkerij Fuite


Bakkerij Fuite is a family business, started in IJsselmuiden and later relocated to Apeldoorn. The company has 55 steady employees and 25 flexible, who together process about 10.000 tons of flour per year. Fuite works for retail and industrial processors, such as Qizini and Natsu. They deliver to Boni supermarkets in the Netherlands, but also to the new online supermarket PicNic.

“We took a flight to Italy for an appointment with a buyer”, Klaas Fuite explains. “At arrival we learned he forgot about the appointment. That was a huge letdown, but they took care of a replacement. During the conversation we learned this was the director himself. We made a quote for frozen bread deliveries, during the conversation we were able to convince him that fresh bread delivery would be much cheaper, with which we also invalidated our own price quote.” The director took our calculations and eventually chose the fresh bread, but he was so impressed with Fuite, that they now buy half their stock from Fuite. It’s Klaas Fuite’s best export experience.

At the moment 30% of production is meant for export. Fuite exports to Germany, Scandinavia, East-Europe, Italy, Spain and recently also to Dubai. Growth mainly is due to export, the Dutch market has been stable and shrinking for the past few years. Dutch people tend to look at pricing and prefer to eat bad food for a lower price, instead of spending a bit more on good food. They don’t understand that in Italy and Spain. “You don’t have to try and sell a Dr.Oetker pizza there, you might just as well pack your bags immediately,” is how Klaas Fuite summarizes the differences in eating cultures. “We also notice a trend, in which the number of eating moments rises, in many countries this is not limited to three times per day anymore, but six. But, these are small healthy inbetweeners, we anticipate for with small sandwiches for example.”

In the future Klaas Fuite wishes to export half of the production, this is possible because there is a lot of growth potential in South-Europe and the Scandinavian countries.

Export Countries

Germany | Scandinavia | East-Europe | Italy | Spain | Dubai


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