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Medical solutions for skin problems

BAP Medical

Medical solutions for skin problems

BAP Medical develops, manufactures and sells medical solutions for skin problems. This applies to post-treatment after irradiation, burns, scarring after deep wounds, eczema and other skin conditions. The word BAP in the company name stands for Best Available Practice. This reflects the company’s mission: providing the best products that are all scientifically substantiated.

Since the start of the company in 2006 it has gone quick. The management, led by founder Rob Hollweg together with Louis Posner: “Over the last two years, our staff has grown from 12 to 20 employees, our office and warehouse have also expanded. We have invested a lot in our products that we have developed in close cooperation with patients and therapists. “

Successful skin treatment
A very successful product is ALHYDRAN. This medical cream is specially developed for a skin in need. ALHYDRAN is co-developed with the University of Gent (BE) and is a trusted brand in burns centres and hospitals across Europe. Thanks to the scientific evidence and the results of daily practice, ALHYDRAN is used daily by professionals in skin care. ALHYDRAN is used to prevent scars, used by eczema and burns and radiotherapy.
Another success story is Scarban. Scarban medical silicone products are used to prevent and reduce scars. Medical Silicone against Scars is a scientifically based therapy. Therefore, doctors preferably use silicone products in scar care.

“We are proud of our worldwide exports. And we are even more proud on the results we book with our products for people with skin problems. That’s what we do it for. That’s why we work hard to get our products to more people in the world. For example, we expect to export to China and the USA in a short term.” Rob is also proud of the tender won by BAP Medical for delivery of his products to the Egyptian army. After extensive screening and testing, quality gave the breakthrough in favour of BAP Medical. In addition to expanding the customer base, we are also working on expanding the range. Many new products are on its way.

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