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Technical service provider in the smart industry

Batenburg Techniek

Technical service provider in the smart industry

Batenburg Techniek is a technical service provider at the heart of the intelligent manufacturing industry. With almost 1200 specialists, they focus on helping clients make production and real-estate exploitation in the industrial and infrastructure sectors smarter, safer and more sustainable. Through their three divisions, Building Services Engineering, Industrial Components and Industrial Automation, they supply and install smart components together with high-quality software developed to guide these processes. The group has a turnover of 236 million euros (2020) and is active in several countries.


The Building Services Engineering division operates from Twello, Nijkerk, Waalwijk, Monster and Rotterdam. Their focus lies in advising clients and installing sustainable technical installations for public utilities, offices, educational institutions and parking garages. A no-nonsense approach is essential, and reliability, flexibility, and efficiency play a central role. The 130 professionals at the Twello location have been servicing electrotechnical, climate-control and security facilities for decades. With their specialisation in safety technology, climate control installations and service, management and maintenance, they have helped many clients exploit their assets in a safe, sustainable and more efficient manner. Together with the service department, they also carry out preventive and corrective maintenance.

Leading the energy transition

Batenburg strives to meet the Paris Agreement’s climate goals by investing a great deal in knowledge, expertise and experience in the production of hydrogen fuels. For instance, hydrogen is incorporated into central heating installations for customers involved in utility pilot projects. The use of hydrogen generated by renewable energy sources can lead to 30% savings in natural gas and the associated carbon emissions. With these intelligent hybrid solutions, the Netherlands will become less dependent on natural gas. Batenburg wishes to lead by example; the Twello site will be natural-gas free by the end of 2021 by using hydrogen as an alternative energy source.

Energy storage buffer with hydrogen

Between 200 and 700 solar panel parks are scheduled to be built in the Netherlands in the coming years. This offers ample opportunity for storing hydrogen. Hydrogen can act as a storage buffer for the wind and solar energy sectors. Hydrogen storage (in addition to batteries) can function as an energy store that, in turn, supplies hydrogen to heating installations, mobility solutions or electricity plants.

The future

Batenburg is one of the countries’ leaders when it comes to producing hydrogen. This means that Batenburg is closely involved as a developer and supplier for the first hydrogen projects in the Netherlands. Hydrogen as an energy source will soon take off in the Netherlands, and Batenburg leads the way.

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