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Engineering projects for companies

BB3D/Technical Solutions

Engineering projects for companies

The owners, Bram van Zandvoort and Bart Keurhorst, met during their intermediate vocational studies (MBO). Both had decided independently to follow a practical-based course of study in mechanical engineering after graduating from secondary school. After their vocational training, both men decided to continue their mechanical engineering studies at a higher vocational level (HBO) in Enschede. Back then, they had to travel by train from Twello to Enschede. During the many train journeys to and from school together, they discovered that they both wanted to go into 3D design and production. So without further ado, on 8 May 2018, the two Enschede students set up a business partnership, BB3D. They registered with the Chamber of Commerce, set up a website, and got down to business, initially in the laundry room at Bart’s parents’ house. They started to work for companies that wanted to do something with 3D printing but couldn’t supply the necessary designs. Mainly scale models were drawn up and printed at that time, so they weren’t so much a printer as a service for creating 3D prints. The printing itself was outsourced.

One thing worthy of note is that the owners had to conduct a project with a business during their study. In their case, the business in question was their own company. The project they decided to work on was combating blue algae populations for the local water board. Together with four other students, Bram and Bart designed an initial prototype to filter blue algae from outdoor waters.

Growth and development

Today, BB3D has grown into BB3D/ Technical Solutions. The company’s focus has come to lie on engineering projects for businesses. Let’s say a company is dealing with a mechanical engineering issue. Perhaps they don’t have the right expertise or the time to find the right solution. BB3D is glad to advise them on the best solutions. BB3D has extensive knowledge of a wide range of mechanical engineering aspects that they gladly share with their customers. For activities such as construction calculations and 3D simulations of forces and mechanics, product development or machine manufacturing, BB3D is the place to be.

The business has developed an extensive and highly loyal customer base for both engineering projects and design activities. These include customers such as Brinkmann & Niemeyer, Bredenoord, Nijhuis Industries and Coldenhoven Papier.

Blue algae

The blue algae project has progressed significantly; after an initial test period, this project will eventually be introduced on the international market. A fantastic and important BB3D project!

Export Countries

Germany | France


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