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Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing

Best4u was launched by Ivo Elshof when he was still at school. That was in 2004 when few IT businesses were operating online and Ivo was sitting in his attic bedroom thinking to himself that opportunities were being missed. From this passion to maximise the use of the internet, Best4u was born and has flourished. Today the company employs 150 staff and serves 3,200 clients at home and abroad, offering the whole gamut of internet services under one roof.

Best4u Group

The company has been split into four specialist units: Best4u Media is responsible for the technology behind websites and apps; Best4u Internet Marketing does what it says on the box; Best4u specialises particularly in WordPress; Traffic Today, based in Deventer, is relatively new and caters for the larger clients. The company’s vision is clear, to elevate small and middle sized businesses in The Netherlands to the highest level online. It believes every entrepreneur, whatever the level of experience or knowledge of websites, can grow if he or she excels online. The multitude of references on its website shows that this is no empty promise; businesses that have turned to Best4u for advice have seen online profits soar. These include Mael Logistics (profits up 34%), Dutch expat Shop (up 108%), Fleurdirect (up 78%), to name but a few.

Substantial growth

Best4u has grown considerably in recent years – 30% growth each year and rising – and expects this trend to continue. Currently it is designing 1,000 websites a year; the ambition is to develop 10,000 a year by 2025. In order to accommodate this growth, two branches have been opened overseas. The Antwerp branch employs 12 people and serves the expanding Belgian market.

The branch in Moldova is home to a technical troubleshooting team which tackles complex programming issues. Some 85 IT professionals work there, partly to serve Best4u and Traffic Today directly, partly detached to work for the clients of both firms. IT talent in The Netherlands is scarce and expensive, but quality in Moldova is affordable.

Export Countries

Belgium | Moldova