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Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic Injection Molding

Bewet is a centrally located and specialised plastic injection moulding firm, where thermoplastic material is processed into a range of plastic products. The moulds for this process are also designed and manufactured at Bewet. The current director Marcel Stuifzand’s father and uncle established the first mould manufacturer to be registered in the Chamber of Commerce. In 1979, Marcel Stuifzand’s father started with the Bewet business. Marcel has been director of the business since 1987. The name Bewet is an abbreviation of ‘BewerkingsTechniek’ (processing technology).

Reliability and trust

Director Marcel Stuifzand: ‘Customers come to Bewet for several reasons, but two of the most important reasons are reliability and trust. It all comes down to saying what you will do and doing what you say.’ The company is a firm believer in working with the customer and following through on promises. Moreover, Bewet has extensive technical expertise, and much is possible. The entire business lives and breathes innovation!

Most of Bewet’s customers are businesses that carry out their own assembly, regardless of the market they’re in. This ranges from manufacturers of heat pumps to school furniture and even recumbent bikes.


Both Bewet and its customers believe that sustainability is an important aspect of a healthy business. That’s why this issue plays a large role at Bewet, with a focus on the following:

– Bewet is currently working on using and processing recycled plastics, and on promoting recycled plastics to customers: Bewet strives to reduce plastic waste as much as possible.

– Bewet fully recycles its materials through a partner business in Wapenveld: everything is used and re-used.

– Bewet has a highly sophisticated heat recovery system, significantly increasing energy efficiency.


The company has, besides many great, long-standing customer relations in the Netherlands, excellent clients in other countries, such as Germany for products like patio parasols and the UK for air fans.

Export Countries

Germany | United Kingdom


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