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Products for healing complex open wounds


Products for healing complex open wounds

Patients with diabetes, but also chronic complex open wounds, happen to about 500.000 people per year. Most of these wounds eventually heal with proper care. However, in about 10% of the cases this does not happen, BiologiQ is there for these patients.

Healing complex wounds 

BiologiQ started in 2004 by selling innovative products for healing these complex wounds by activating the regenerative abilities of the body. The company is a distributor, which mean that they buy products and sell them again. International pharmacies and laboratories produce the product, which are focused on the wound healing process: cleaning the wound, stopping infections and closing the wound. All of this by using biological products. The addition of oxygen plays an important part for the application of these products. BiologiQ’s products are part of a higher segment than regular bandages, instructions and schooling are needed for proper usage. Because of this BiologiQ is a niche player.

Next to BiologiQ Nederland there is also BiologiQ International since 2012. BiologiQ international is supplier of Aldanex. This product is used for incontinence injury, and helps with preventive healing of the skin. It is sold in twelve European countries, of which Belgium, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scandinavia and Italy. Sales take place through specialized local distributors in all countries. “Taking part of international events and conventions are usually the source for relationships and the network, that allow me to find the distributors who really have a connection with our product and want to sell it in the export countries,” according to director Hans Willemsen. Aldanex is focused on treatment of incontinence injury and thus, elderly patients. Since a few years BiologiQ also focusses on babies through a website. They also suffer from incontinence injury, but here its caused by them not being potty-trained. This results in the same type of skin problems as with the elderly. In the next few years Willemsen expects BiologiQ to fulfill an important role in the diaper-market.

Besides director Hans Willemsen, four employees work for BiologiQ and BiologiQ International.

Export countries

Belgium | Germany | France | England | Ireland | Scandinavia | Italy


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