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Recruitment agency


Recruitment agency

After having worked at ING and Rabobank for the businesses department, Robin Boerhof started his own recruitment agency in the end of 2016. Bkonnect started from the desire to give recruiters much freedom in the way they work and to only do what they love. Now, Robin works on making the right matches between organisations and professionals together with 14 enthusiastic recruiters.

Specialised recruiters

Robin values personal contact with clients. Therefore, he is active in the entire country. He then transfers the jobs he receives to one of the recruiters. In addition, they are unburned when it comes to marketing, contracts, CRM packages and administration. Every recruiter has its own specialism (including IT, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Technology).

Remote IT

He has noticed a high demand for IT professionals. Robin: “Tech companies are growing so fast that it is often not possible to achieve growth in-house. Simply moving around IT professionals is not a solution for the high demand. This is expected to only become higher. Educating or retraining extra professionals will not go quick enough. We have developed a new service for this: Remote IT.”

IT professionals from Ukraine use Remote IT to work for the client. They do their work in the West of Ukraine. As a client, you communicate directly from your own company with your developers. They are academically trained, speak English well and have experience with agile software development. In addition, housing, salary administration, tax contributions et cetera are perfectly organised!

Bkonnect’s Ukrainian business partner started offering Remote IT in 2005. Now, 13 years later, 150 developers are working for several companies in the Netherlands, such as Deloitte. There is a reason for this. Ukraine is the third best country in IT worldwide and has hundreds of universities and colleges where IT professionals are being trained. Increasingly more companies outsource their IT. However, Ukraine has many advantages compared to India, for example: shorter distance, fewer cultural differences, better English skills and only one hour time difference with the Netherlands. In addition, the prices for Ukrainian IT professionals are at around one third of those for Dutch IT professionals.

Robin also expects to have a suitable solution for many companies with this new service. “After all, IT is becoming an increasingly more important department in companies.”

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