Measuring and control instruments

Blanken Controls

Measuring and control instruments

Blanken Controls started in 1979 as an importer / wholesaler of measuring and control instruments. The company developed into a ‘one-stop service center’ for calibration, repairs and management of measuring and control instruments. Blanken Controls owns the necessary international certifications (such as ISO 9001, 14001, VCA & AEO), so they are able to do all their work with a quality mark. They do this with thirteen employees.

Accurate and safe production

Director Willem Dikker Hupkes explains Blanken Control is active in the sector industry, food, pharmaceuticals, installation world and transports and logistics. Dikker Hupkes: “We deploy, calibrate, adjust and repair equipment for measuring, control, registry and guarding of temperature, pressure, humidity, smoke gas, flow, weight and speed. Next to that our assortment contains equipment for testing of laboratory inventory, we have a mobile calibration laboratory and a program for temperature and shock indicators. We make sure our clients can produce more accurately and safe, we also realize damage reduction in warehouses.”
Blanken Controls has been doing this for many years for many well-known companies such as Albert Heijn, Kruidvat, Abbott, Gasunie, IKEA, AKZO and McDonalds. Also many foreign companies became clients the past few years, export consists of 30% of revenue. Dikker Hupkes: “Our export is a result of our import from abroad. Various suppliers became our clients when they discovered we are exceptionally good at our work and this continued through word of mouth. Certifications are very important for our big international clients. We got this well taken care of. That’s why many of them choose Blanken Controls. This way we are partners with American companies for years now, and we take care of all their work in Europe”.
Blanken Controls expects organic growth. Soon the export to Brazil will start, this is the remarkable result of a 10 year old contact.


Innovation is an important part of growth. We are working on three new service models with various partner companies to build a software as a service model. Blanken Controls is also aiming at an energy neutral building within a few years, there are already 220 solar panels installed on the roof. 

Export countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Spain | Denmark | Sweden | Italy | Poland | Tjech | United Kingdom | Cyprus | Greece | Bulgaria | United States | Dubai | Egypt | South-Africa.


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