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Coffee roasting

Blooss Coffee

Coffee roasting

BLOOSS is a coffee roasting company housed in historic Deventer. Its tasting room and shop are in neighbouring Twello. BLOOSS was set up in 2015 by Diana van Wely who had caught the coffee bug. Diana: “ I have the best job in the world, I live for my passion for coffee, roasting it and experimenting with the countless possibilities in taste”.

For the connoisseur

Diana sources exceptional coffees from all over the world. These speciality coffees are roasted and sold under the BLOOSS trademark or as a house brand for companies, specialist coffee and tea houses, espresso bars, restaurants, delicatessens and kitchen stores. Customers, big and small, come from all over The Netherlands, and also Belgium. What they share is a passion for good coffee. Diana: “Sadly, there is a lot of cheap and poor quality coffee being consumed and our mission is to bring about change. For a slightly higher price you can have quality and, once tasted, you won’t want anything else”.

Tea without artificial additives

Because customers want to buy tea as well as coffee, Diana also has an extensive range of loose leaf tea, all without artificial additives and almost all without added sugar. Fine tea is available in a multitude of flavours, in large packs for business and hospitality and in attractive tins for retailers. The selection of coffee and tea is augmented by gorgeous tea caddies, coffee machines, tableware, glasses and mugs. A visit to the tasting room, furnished down to the last detail in retro style, is a real treat for any lover of coffee and tea.

Unusual glasses

Take the heat resistant tea/wine glass, for instance. Besides its beautiful appearance, the form of this glass adds an extra dimension to drinking tea. It is based on a professional tea taster’s glass. The curved bowl ensures the aroma is retained, resulting in an intense aroma and flavour experience. Tea tastes so much better this way!


The customer base is expanding thanks to mouth-to-mouth recommendation, social media and the online store. Diana also likes to take to the road to meet potential customers: “I often visit companies or IT and communication businesses who pay a lot of attention to their staff. The quality of our coffee and tea often mirrors the quality of their products or services”.

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