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Trading Company

BNS International

Trading Company

Since 2017, Business Networking Services (BNS) has been active in Deventer. BNS is part of a large South African company that imports a number of products worldwide for the South Korean market. Deventer has become the European location of Korean mother company Samwon. Samwon is an importer that supplies restaurants and factories in South Korea. A new project in Vietnam is a new factory for Samsung with over 300,000 daily visitors, fully supplied.

View Deventer The location in Deventer came about by coincidence. Samwon imports much pork and the director had an appointment with a big German slaughterhouse, just over the border in Northeim Westphalia. With the Dutch director of this slaughterhouse, it was agreed upon to meet each other halfway Schiphol and the German company. This was the IJsselhotel in Deventer. The phenomenal view from the terrace was the deciding factor for the Samwon director. He instantly decided to locate his European procurement office in Deventer. In addition to Europe, procurement offices are also being established on other continents.

At the Deventer location, Nick Noever and Irina Palesciuc have been, thus far, active as trade officers: “We have started with deliveries of German slaughterhouses. This is now a stable and lucrative relationship. From Germany, around 18 to 20 containers are shipped to South Korea every month now. This is not the end of the story. We are discussing possibilities with suppliers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain and in due time, we are also going to consider countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden.”

Every three months, the board of Samwon comes to Deventer for around 2 to 3 weeks. An entire program of many company visits through the whole of Europe will be planned out then. The focus is on meat import now, but the aim is to start considering other products as well in the short-term. At the moment, the coffee market is being considered.

Dutch Coffee A remaining element from the VOC era is the Dutch Coffee that is popular in Korea. Dutch Coffee is a classic way of making coffee. The coffee is made with ice water instead of warm water. Making a pot of Dutch Coffee takes 4 to 6 hours. Dutch Coffee barely oxidises and offers the taste of the used coffee bean. The taste is much less bitter and sour than that of regular coffee.

The location in Deventer, that now consists of several people, is expected to growth significantly in the coming years.

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