Production of meat substitute products


Production of meat substitute products

Bobeldijk Good Group is a company that produces meat products and meat replacers. Varying from rolled fillets to schnitzels and its most important component: the vegetarian product line. Divided over four halls with their own production lines for meat (schnitzels an rolled fillets); mini-products (like BBQ and fondue); handmade, vegetarian and 100% vegetable products. “The products are always fresh. Prepared today means in store tomorrow,” says director Remko Vogelenzang.

The majority of the export consists of vegetarian and 100% vegetable products. You see more and more that the generation between twenty and thirty years old consciously chooses for these products. 90% of the export consists of these kind of products. New products are designed with sustainability in mind. Innovative? “Yes, certainly. There are currently 7 billion people to feed and this will be 9 billion people in 2030. The planet cannot provide this. So new possibilities need to be discovered and we do that in collaboration with other parties,” says Vogelenzang.

100% vegetable
Bobeldijk Food Group has made a conscious choice to add 100% vegetable products to its assortment. One of the innovations is Vegafit. Seven different products, including nuggets, balls and cordon blue, that have been sold in all branches of a leading supermarket since 2017. An assortment expansion that makes the supermarket a market leader.

Project BEAN
The past year, the bean project was launched together with five partners. An initiative for innovation in the food industry. Bobeldijk Food Group is one of the partners. Beans are very rich in protein, but the crop has almost disappeared in the Netherlands. With support from the province of Overijssel, this project aims to plant and grow this crop again. The market demand for locally grown crops has also increased. With this project, the partners will have innovation that is sustainable. The bean has passed its first test after a hamburger of beans was created. The coming months, more products will be developed that are fitting for the texture and taste of bean.

Export Countries

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