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Food packaging

For over 40 years Bordex has been a leading marketing and sales organization regarding food packaging, driven by innovation. All products are being invented and designed with maximum attention for easy-to-use products, quick and cheap production and sustainability. The production is being outsourced to partners which are near to the customer.

Director Bert Hengeveld: “We supply to big food producers in West-Europe. This varies from plastic cups for big events, cups for cherry tomatoes and containers for salads and meals, to meat packaging for supermarkets. These products are usually supplied in big quantities (per full truck).

One of the special products of Bordex is printed seal foil for the packaging of airplane meals: “we handle this specialism very well. I can say that we are unique in the world. That is also why we supply around 50 million meal packages to 15 airline companies on an annual basis”.


Bordex has launched a new patented production method under the name Ecofit, which can produce containers quicker and lighter. This results in the product being cheaper and retail chains also comply with the aim to reduce the amount of packaging with 30%. A menu container of a big Dutch retailer used to weigh 41 grams, and with Ecofit this now is 28 grams. Success guaranteed if the annual production is 15 million pieces. The interest for Ecofit is huge. A beginning was made in 2016 with 2 Ecofit-machines and about a year after that, 11 of those machines are active.

Recycling PET-cups

In 2017 a test was implemented to collect plastic cups at big concerts, and adapt them so that they can be re-used. A pilot at a Belgian pop concert rewarded visitors with 1 token when handing in 20 empty cups. This was a success. Hengeveld: “The visitors were happy, the festival was free of litter and our producer has received an inexpensive raw material. Annually we sell 100 million cups, so there is a high environmental benefit to be achieved”.

The future looks bright, thanks to innovations. The aim is to achieve a covering dealer network in Europe within a couple of years. In the near future Bordex will expand in Northern Europe.

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