Help with Producing Private Label Merchandise

Brand Your Merch

Help with Producing Private Label Merchandise

Bas Dijkhuis en Karel Kloeze established their joint enterprise Brand Your Merch in 2018. They help artistes and businesses with the design, production and distribution of private label merchandise. This gives new meaning and provides impetus to customer loyalty.

International DJ clients

Both entrepreneurs know DJs who perform on the national and international stage and have a huge following on social media – a million or more followers online is no exception. Brand Your Merch designs bespoke clothing lines for them and a range of merchandise all finely geared to their appearance and image. These products are manufactured at home and abroad and sold to fans all over the world through online stores set up for the performers.

Karel en Bas: “We take everything out of the hands of the DJs so they can concentrate on making music and performing. The nice thing about this work is that these people perform all over the world and have fans everywhere. We send clothes, caps, jewellery and the like to every corner of the globe. When DJ Brooks performed at the Ultra Miami festival in the USA we ran an online sales campaign, and orders from the Miami region rolled in. The USA and Germany are our most prolific markets, closely followed by, believe it or not, Japan”.

Also for shops, You Tubers and other entrepreneurs

Besides the design, production and sale of clothing and merchandising for performers, the company is engaging more and more with entrepreneurs. They seek the services of Brand Your Merch to design a striking line of clothing for their company, which can be worn by their employees or clients to reflect house style and affinity with the brand. Bas: “We see that many firms involved in the ‘new economy’ want to establish an image that traditional makers of company clothing cannot provide. We fill a gap in the market because we know how to design something special”.


Both entrepreneurs share the same ambition, to see significant growth in their business. Their goal is to become the leader in Dutch fashion-influencer marketing. They have made an impressive start with an ever-increasing portfolio of artistes and businesses. On the international front, Brand Your Merch is investigating how performers can best reach their fans in China. Market potential there is enormous.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | United States |

Occasionally | the rest of the world


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