Aggregates for various applications

Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren

Aggregates for various applications

The history of Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren dates back to 1828. Back then, the company started as a pioneer in the agricultural mechanisation field. When petrol and diesel engines were introduced around 1900, the business started specialising in motors and generators. Today, Brinkmann & Niemeijer has specialised for many decades in supplying generators for various applications, from inland shipping and civil engineering applications to complex emergency power facilities for buildings such as hospitals and healthcare institutions. 40 employees work at Brinkmann & Niemeijer.

If the primary power source fails or there is no power available, a generator can act as a backup power source. Generators can be implemented temporarily, such as leasing generators for civil engineering construction projects, or as a permanent power source in buildings where access to electricity can sometimes be a matter of life and death. The quality of a power generator is therefore of critical importance and is also highly dependent on individual components, suitable materials and sturdy construction. Brinkmann & Niemeijer advises customers on the best application of an emergency power system (EPS). This can be a standard product or a bespoke solution.

Brinkmann & Niemeijer’s distinguishing factor lies in their employees’ high level of expertise and extensive experience, together with their focus on providing full service for their customers. The company not only advises customers; they also take care of the engineering, manufacturing, testing and installation of the generators right up until post-install service and maintenance. Each year, some 300 to 400 projects are carried out.

Most projects take place throughout the Netherlands. They mainly involve the manufacturing and installation of emergency power generators in buildings such as hospitals, parking garages, airports and other applications that are highly dependent on electricity. Brinkmann & Niemeijer has gained a strong market position at many shipping docks throughout Western Europe for the inland shipping sector.

The business also produces many portable generators for both the rental and permanent market. One of their most recent customers is the Ministry of Defence. Their generators were highly out-of-date, so Brinkmann & Niemeijer’s design for a new generator was selected from tender and is now in production.

The market continues to grow, and particularly the Scandinavian market looks promising. Brinkmann & Niemeijer is also preparing for the energy transition, and concepts are being developed for all-electric, hydrogen-based or hybrid systems.

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