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C. Bakker Exclusief Vervoer

Transport company

Christiaan Bakker founded a transport company in package delivery under the name Christiaan Bakker Exclusive Vervoer (Exclusive Transport) in 2008. The company has since then developed into an all-round transport company with four employees.

Extra attention Besides the delivery of regular packages, Christiaan Bakker Exclusief Vervoer is mainly specialised in packages that require extra attention. These include the delivery of flowers, cakes, drugs or glass objects. Christiaan: “Many of our competitors distribute packages mechanically. This is not desirable for special loadings. We handle the packages manually and this results in less chance of damage on the road.”

The company has grown fast since its beginning because of word of mouth byf happy customers. For the roughly 200 customers that are mainly situated in a radius of 20 kilometres around Deventer, around 80,000 packages are distributed every years. Packages are delivered within one day, six days a week. What is special is that the packages that are handed over on Sundays are delivered on Mondays. Christiaan Bakker Exclusief Vervoer is the only transport company who offers this service.

The majority of the packages, that can also be offered on pallets, are sent within the Netherlands. But Christiaan Bakker Exclusief Vervoer also has direct lines to Belgium, Aruba, Curacao, Suriname and Turkey. Incidentally, transport to countries elsewhere in Europe, Asia or the US is arranged for customers. Christiaan Bakker Exclusief Vervoer also offers a repackaging service or storage in their own warehouse for customers who would like that. Customers can also hand over packages to be sent by Packs, DPD or TNT.

Expansion Christiaan Bakker Exclusief Vervoer expects to grow further in the future. “In recent years, our size has doubled. We have invested in extra transport vehicles and will keep doing that to keep up with the growth or, better said, to anticipate it. Soon, we are going to purchase a truck for the transport of large loadings. We also want to expand the warehouse. We have many customers who are growing, and the advantage is that we can grow with them.”

Export Countries

Belgium | Turkey | Suriname | Curaçao | Aruba


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