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Import and export services

Car-go International

 Import and export services

Car-go is a family business that has been an independent and specialized partner for import and export services for twenty years. A team of thirty employees derives businesses in these areas by focusing heavily on IT. In the Car-go self-developed internet environment, customers can log in and arrange all import and export business for their company. Should the shipment of goods thereafter also be arranged? Then Car-go can help with that as well.

Strong in automotive

Car-go has a strong position in the automotive sector. Both individuals and companies can go the Car-go website with their requests. Companies can log in for RDW services and arrange the import and export of their vehicles themselves. In addition, Car-go also designed an online advertising platform for the sale of cars. Through this system, car companies can easily post pictures with corresponding descriptions, which can be forwarded directly to over 100 online sales channels to realize fast sales. On an annual basis, about 150,000 cars exchange of owners through this portal.

Proud on customer trust

Owner Claudia Bakkenes is most proud of the fact that, because they take care of customs formalities and transport, they help companies grow.

“The beautiful thing is that several companies have begun sending a few boxes a day. With our help, this has grown to several full containers a week. Also, regular foreign customers phone us, to see if we can organize their import or export. Purely based on references and without seeing each other, they trust us their documents / goods. The growing number of applications inland (but now also abroad) is something Cargo is very proud of. “

Great European ambition

At this time, every country in Europe has its own regulations and forms with a lot of ambiguity for the entrepreneur. This is going to change. There is a central European regulatory framework to standardize customs formalities. As soon as it is ready, Car-go will play to this with an IT package. This package will ensure that entrepreneurs across Europe can make use of Cargo’s services for their import and export.

Started in a barn in Eerbeek in April 1994 and now a beautifully innovative company with 100 employees and sales offices in the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

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