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The company’s mission is plain to see from its name. Cedere means ‘transfer’ and that is exactly what Cedere has been doing since 2000, facilitating the transfer of information. It began with voice recognition and this has expanded to optimisation of business processes wherever voice recognition plays a part.

Dictation and digital conversion of the spoken word are turned into validated digital texts that immediately and securely can be used in documents, mails, CRM systems and (patient) dossiers. This saves a lot of time and money, allowing organisations to work more efficiently and cheaply.

The voice recognition software and supporting products and services such as imaging, secure PDFs, document management, automatic invoicing and contact management software, has now found its way to more than 1,000 organisations.

These are very diverse, from hospitals, government, legal firms and accounting offices to education and engineering firms. The goal is to work quicker and smarter.

A quarter of the people who use Cedere products have a disability and voice recognition allows them to work, at home or at the office. Cedere gives real meaning to the concept of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR). Working for this target group provides immense satisfaction to the small Cedere team.

The company is also proud of its partnership with the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam. Radiologists there work with the Cedere voice recognition system. Discussions about X-rays and patients are recorded live and immediately incorporated in the patient’s dossier with an accuracy level of 99.7%. The system also works well in other sectors which have their own jargon, such as legal and accounting firms.

Cedere works with products that are known and can be deployed worldwide which makes for easy application of the system in overseas markets. The company has clients in Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden and more rapid expansion is expected. Cedere currently offers voice recognition technology in seven languages and an increase to 40 or more languages lies ahead.

A new development is the personal app that records dictations and quickly and securely converts these into text. On a secure server you can add your own words, names or articles. This enables you to create your personal environment on a voice server, wherever in the world you are.

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