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Insurance office

Centraal Beheer

Insurance Company


Centraal Beheer started in 1909 as a small insurance office for employers. In the 70’s Centraal Beheer moved from Amsterdam to Apeldoorn. Everybody knows their office is in Apeldoorn. This is caused by the slogan ‘Even Apeldoorn bellen’. Centraal Beheer is a part of the Achmea Groep since 1995. This is the largest group of insurers in the Netherlands. 14.000 people work for Achmea in the Netherlands. 2400 people work for Achmea in the rest of Europe.

The Transport department in Apeldoorn, amongst others, is active for the corporate clients. They focus on insurance of transport, logistics, accountability, work materials and freight transport.

Senior account manager Transport Paul Amoureus: “We sell our products and services straight to you. This works fast and easy. Our experts answer your questions. And they help you when there are problems. You always know what to expect from us. We love security, ease, and clear agreements. We don’t like the small print. We are open and reachable. We always try to think of a solution during our contacts with an entrepreneur. When we notice our client having her things in order, we compliment her”. Thanks to this we welcome more and more clients. In 2016 Centraal Beheer even got named best financial service provider of the Netherlands in the category of Insurances.

Also when it comes to ICT Centraal Beheer Transport-insurances differentiates. Centraal Beheer created the internet application Oceanwide for this group of customers. “When you are an irregular transporter of goods, or when you are conducting a specific transport, you can make use of our online system. With this you have the possibility of declaring a goods transport to Centraal Beheer. You can print out an insurance certificate with the declared shipment. You can also use this system for your client. It serves the purpose of you being able to deliver the most complete service to your client”.

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Senior account manager Transport

Centraal Beheer | Paul Amoureus