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Candy Company


Candy Company

In early 2017, Carolien Honshorst started her own company called CentSweets. Carolien has worked in the confectionary business her whole life. Her latest job was as a marketing manager at Senzora. When this company sold its confectionary division to Fortuin, she got the idea for starting her own company. Carolien said: “I was offered to stay at the detergents division at Senzora, but that product is too sterile for me. My heart is with confectionary.”

When it turned out that Fortuin was not interested in the filling line on which Senzora packed a range of different cans, her idea was born. After the necessary contact with Fortuin and two existing business relations (that export outside of the EU), a win-win situation for all parties was created. Fortuin can make mints in bulk. Carolien remains the contact person for her business relations. She knows the companies and the markets they serve very well. Senzora has been able to sell the packaging line and it has been placed under KonnecteD / Sallcon, where the filling team now works internally. And Carolien can enjoy the confectionary business as much as she likes.


She has already finished her first job for one of her existing business relations that supply the Duty Free zones at airports. The project for 40,000 cans with coloured printed image of the iconic hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai is completed. CentSweets looks after the filling, packing, coding and sending as well as the necessary export documents. Follow-up orders afterwards were projects for cans with the logo of New Zealand and for Argentina with an image of the famous Argentinian Iguazu waterfalls.

Foreign parties like to order products that were made in Holland. Carolien said: “We work with food and trust is therefore very important. Our high standard gives people trust.” CentSweets expects further growth abroad. She is represented at the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) in Cannes with her Travel Mints concept.

Custom work in a can In addition to export, CentSweets also works on increasing the domestic turnover. In the premium segment, Carolien is looking for customers that want to strengthen their brand. Cans exude quality and are sustainable. Centsweets can deliver custom made cans from a volume of 2,000 and up with every print possible. Naturally, the cans can contain fresh tasting candies, but other contents are also possible, if a customer would like that. The advantage of Carolien is that she is no longer tied to Senzora products.

Export Countries

Dubai | Argentina | New Zealand


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