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After completing his study at the University of Twente, Stef Bloo started his own business in 2010. Stef completed his thesis at a radio station in Twente. Whenever he wasn’t working on his thesis, he was selling radio commercials. During sales calls with interested businesses, Stef noticed that there was a high demand for other targeted communication channels, such as a good website, attractive house style documents, and online marketing, often in combination with offline promotional materials. Stef decided to focus on this market. In 2018, the business has grown into a communications agency with seven professionals. From Deventer, they serve clients in various regions, but most of their clients are located in the municipality of Deventer & Voorst.

Products & Services

Whatever the assignment, the client’s goal justifies the means. This means that Claim Your Aim offers a very diverse range of services. With each assignment, it is determined whether Claim Your Aim is responsible for the strategy and the realisation of the campaign or whether they function as a strategic project manager, guiding external professionals in the process.

Services vary from determining a strategy to translating that strategy to a website, webshop, online/offline marketing campaign, video productions, software, apps and promotional materials such as posters, banners, flyers, magazines and pamphlets. A lot of work is carried out by the in-house team. In addition, Claim Your Aim regularly collaborates with specialised partners, often located within walking distance in the heart of Deventer.

Farm Girl Calendar

In 2011, Stef’s attention was drawn to a press release in the German media about agrarian pin-up calendars in the Alps region. Only partly in jest, Stef sent a press release to the Telegraaf, a Dutch national newspaper, that he would soon launch a Dutch farm girl calendar. Not with girls from the Alps, but with bona fide Dutch farm girls. De Telegraaf immediately called Stef and decided to make it headline news. The next morning, Stef was called out of bed by radio DJ Chiel Beelen, and later by Radio 538. There was no going back now; a website was quickly launched and the first applications from farm girls started coming in.

The 2012 farm girl calendar sold 2,000 copies. The rest is history. The 2019 calendar sold over 10,000 copies, making it perhaps the most widely sold calendar in the Netherlands. Towards the end of 2018, this calendar was a hot item on internet retailer’s website. Four thousand farm calendars have also been printed, increasing the total number to 14,000.

After the first calendar was launched, applications form Belgian farm girls also came in. When several of them appeared on the next issue, the concept also gained popularity with our neighbours. From that moment onwards, the calendar became a Benelux production, with increasing sales in Belgium as well. That same year, German calendar makers approached him to buy or lease photos from Stef on an annual basis.

The future

As the calendar sales continue to rise, so does the communication agency’s client base. Stef would like to work more with businesses and organisations that place a high value on CSR. Stef: ‘This aspect of doing business means a lot to our team.’

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