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Clubwear Company

Sexy Clothes

Clubwear Company was founded in 2010. Both the founders had already had business experience in the field of telemarketing and promotional campaigns and were ready for a new challenge. The final choice was between children’s clothing or sexy clothing. They decided to go with the latter because of the projected market potential for this segment. They were proved right: today, Clubwear Company has a trend-setting website with the largest selection of sexy clothing for men and women on the market.

Large and varied assortment

The assortment contains over 8,500 items from leading brands in the market. A large part of the assortment consists of erotic lingerie. The website also sells a wide range of kinky lacquered or leather clothing for exciting parties, as well as every-day items that can be worn during dinners and other events. From strings to teddies, suspenders, and body stockings, nothing is too outrageous for Clubwear Company! Another distinguishing factor is that each item comes in many different sizes for a perfect fit for every figure. This is unique in the market because most shops do not carry non-standard sizes.

Orders from across the globe

The company’s main strength lies in their extensive selection and their high product turnover. Each year, some 1,000 new items are added to their stock, keeping the range interesting to many of the web shop’s visitors. An increasing number of these visitors come from abroad. Today, about 15% of orders come in from across the globe: from Mexico and the US to Iceland and Mongolia. Thanks to Clubwear Company’s partnership with DHL, the international orders are delivered at lightning speed: next-day delivery in Europe and two-day delivery for destinations further afield such as the USA.

The future

Clubwear Company expects to grow steadily. The website will continue to be optimised. What makes this site unique is that it is often ranked in the top three for Google search results for relevant search terms. The aim is to streamline online sales even further. An attempt at visiting trade fairs was also made in the past, but this turned out to be a lot of work for relatively little business. The assortment was expanded in 2020 to include non-clothing items. This has led to a new source of revenue.

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