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Work clothing

Company Fits

Work clothing

Company Fits

Company clothing should be a bit more fashionable, thought Rene de Vries. He started his own company, Company Fits, in 2001 to combine good looking and comfortable work clothing. At this moment the company counts 17 employees for designing and production of custom made clothing. The clothing gets shipped all over the world at the moment and is being used in over 60 different countries.

Award winning designs

Company Fits focusses on casual work-clothing for professions that have a lot of contact with customers. De Vries: “It is an art to translate the company identity to a fashionable clothing line that is also comfortable. Companies enhance their brand experience through our clothing. Therefor we invest a lot of time in the design process and after approval of our designs we relieve our clients from the production process and if they wish also the complete logistics.” Company Fits’ success is proven by repeatedly winning the Corporate Fashion Awards. Last year they won thanks to their clothing line for Lely International (known from the milking robot). Farmers in more than 60 countries now wear the fashion line designed by Company Fits. These even include T-shirts made of 20% milk-fiber. Other branches that buy a lot of Company Fits products are retail chains (Action Europe amongst others), big barber chains, pharmacies and movie theaters.

Future ambition

Company Fits ambitions steady growth. De Vries: “I strongly believe in continuously giving your best for your existing clients. Growth will come naturally from that. This is what works for us. We deliver more and more web logistics for our clients, for example. Our clients’ employees can order their own clothing through web shops we developed We also work with backwards integration. We are working on a take-over of a clothing factory in India so we can do deliveries faster and more flexible. Remarkably we work with widows there. They have a bad position in India. We support them by offering work. Sustainable business is very important to us. All our fashion is produced honestly and sustainably. We are also busy working on reclaiming and recycling clothing. ”

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