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CompLions-GRC tooling gives export-oriented organisations a strategic advantage. AVS or international GDPR, just like certification, is becoming increasingly more important for organisations in order to show that they permanently give attention to quality and safety. This is true for organisations who focus on the local or national market as well as for companies who focus on doing business internationally.

CompLions-GRC B.V. from Deventer offers a smart method with the possibility to permanently have insight into processes. With the tooling ‘GRCcontrol’, it is possible for SMEs, governments and other organisations to have and maintain insight into all processes in an extremely efficient and complete manner.

The CompLions-GRC tooling enables organisations to complete the well-known certification trajectories, such as for ISO 27001, against lower costs than usual and in less time. The company from Deventer, founded in 2008, is capable of supporting companies with the same method in order to become AVG/GDPR compliant. It speaks for itself that companies who are in control of these criteria can turn that into a valuable USP.

The CompLions-GRC tooling is delivered through a channel of high quality partners. The company is collaborating with companies who focus on the Dutch market, but because of the demand of internationally operating end customers, they will start focusing on implementing their service abroad this year.

Export Countries

Short term | Belgium | Germany | Switzerland | United Kingdom |

In the longer term | Rest of Europe


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