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Continental Bakeries

Cake Bakery

Bussink Deventerkoek (since 1593) is originally a Deventer family firm and operates in a niche market. Deventerkoek and Bijtjes. Think of one company in Deventer that does not have these treats on the table!

Bussink has had many owners before in 1975 Continental Bakeries took over Bussink. “In 1975 there were smoother times and in 2009 a new production line was built in Deventer. With that they can respond to the innovations in the ‘food-cookie’ sector”, says plantmanager Willem van Straaten. He grew up in the world of bakeries and gained a lot of experience at various firms before he entered Continental Bakeries. The developments in this sector are very fast-paced. The customer demands keep one sharp and alert.

Continental Bakeries, with the branch of Bussink in Deventer, develops various cookie bars to meet the customer’s demand, and it does it successfully! A snack or also a ‘bite’ to grab along on journeys. With the Bijtje, Continental Bakeries has a leading position in the cake market.

The most important products of the Continental Bakeries branch in Deventer are: Deventerkoek, Bijtjes gingerbread and regular gingerbread. 33% of the production is for export.

Export takes place to Germany and France amongst other countries. In Germany the biggest sales of gingerbread take place during fall. Popular seasonal items for a stew or Christmas time. The products are exported to France as a luxury amuse product. Haute cuisine: cake larded with foie gras. There is nothing better, right? Beautiful coated products that fit into the eating culture and kitchen of a country.

In Deventer they work 24/5 and 46 people are employed permanently. For production peaks the company uses a group of on-call workers.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | France


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