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Branding & Design


Branding & Design

Having specialised in communication since 2003, particularly in retail branding and design, Convenient4u offers support and advice for a number of businesses and organisations all over the country. Support can be anything from layout for advertisements, magazines, flyers, POS- material, displays or packaging to new developments such as 3D rendering and animation.

The approach, involvement and drive of the team of six professionals – or ‘bosses’ – makes all the difference. End boss Tamara Wolters: “ We are flexible and carry on when others give up. That is why many clients are keen to work with us. We get a real kick every time clients score with our designs and campaigns. Customers sense this. Also, we always achieve their goals within time and within budget. The turnover of clients is thus nil and new ones are coming steadily, recommended by word of mouth”.

Their own brand portal (Online Assetbank) is important for their work. Here clients can offer their artwork online to various other bodies with whom they work together; a plethora of original data at one place, available 24 hours a day via Internet. Convenient4u works a lot with clients who operate internationally. That makes working within only one brand portal ideal. Regularly, contacts are exchanged with production companies of communication firms in China, the USA, Brazil, the UK and other European countries.

Convenient4u is proud of every customer and every commission; a small team that works for some of the great players in retail land. This can only be achieved through the attitude, involvement and motivation of the whole Convenient4u team, pulling together and focussing maximum attention on the client.

The future looks rosy. Last year a whole new house style and branding was introduced, where the focus lies even more on the possibilities within retail/design and branding. Investment in durable, trusted relationships with clients to guarantee unique brand experience is paying off. Many clients in the fast-moving, consumer goods market have a partner in Convenient4u which, according to ISO 9001, provides

the total package from design up to and including execution. More growth is expected as a result.

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