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Conversie Marketeers is a full-service, online marketing agency with a sharp focus on generating conversion programmes. It is a young, fast-growing business based in the historic heart of Deventer. It works closely with its sister company Qreate-it which specialises in building WordPress websites and online stores.


At Qreate-it they are particularly proud of two aspects of their work: exceptional attention to detail when they create websites and online stores, and clarity. Their close collaboration with clients is what sets them apart from other web designers. Entrepreneur Nico Bosman: “We begin with a thorough interrogation, delving deep into your business to understand your clients, and especially your potential clients. This intense interaction draws out the best on both sides, not only at the start but particularly later”. Their clients are extremely diverse, from one-man enterprises on a tight budget to huge companies and online stores with a substantial turnover.

Conversie Marketeers

Once the websites and online stores have been created, the work of conversion marketers begins: the site needs visitors and that’s where conversion delivers. Interaction with clients is again central: what does the client really want and what is needed to achieve that goal? Most customers are based within an hour’s drive which makes personal contact easy. Nico: “We like to work on the client’s home turf which works well for both sides. We are not really into writing reports, we prefer to generate online revenue by sitting down and just doing it. Our no-nonsense approach – and particularly the results – clearly appeals to our clients”.

Belgium active

Conversie Marketeers works closely with an online marketing bureau in Belgium. Nico: “We are strong in online marketing. Our colleagues in Belgium are not so strong so we carry out complicated assignments for them under their own name. The Belgian arrangement works so well that we are considering creating the same structure with a partner in Germany.

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