All-round packaging company

Cor Rijken Verpakkingen

All-round packaging company

In 1990, Cor Rijken founded his company under his own name, which in time grew to the current all-round packaging company with 35 employees. The company’s speciality is the design and production of bags with personalized imprint. But in addition to the ability of producing customized packaging, Cor Rijken also has a wide standard range. With an average stock of about 35 million bags, the Lier branch can deliver its goods quite quickly, often the next day. On an annual basis, 200 million bags find their way to customers.

Ideas room

Cor Rijken delivers these products both to the wholesale and food & chocolate industries. The company is committed to a long-term relationship with the customer. Cor Rijken: “We see the customer as our guest, with who we put our heads together to develop innovative concepts. In our offices, we have therefore set up a special so called “ideas room”. In this room, we design the packaging along with the customer in order to guarantee their success. After all, the supermarket in fact is one large display in which you have to gain the customer’s attention.

Own initiative

Rijken also notes that the company proactively tries to approach customers with an offer for the packaging of their products. “For the last three years, the same Finnish entrepreneur kept visiting our booth at the fair. But quotations weren’t converted into orders. During a holiday visit to Finland, I then saw the products of this Finnish entrepreneur in the supermarket. As a result, we devised a new and better packaging concept; simply sending a picture of the product in its new packaging was sufficient to get an order.”.

Foreign markets

The foreign markets differ significantly with our own Dutch market. Cor Rijken has been active abroad for a long time: “Each country has its own culture and this is translated into the packaging. For example, in the Netherlands we usually work with transparent packaging: Dutch people want to see what they are buying. However, in Germany this isn’t the case. Each country has its peculiarities, which you need to integrate into the packaging. The export share of our sales is now 40%, and this percentage is rising every year. Partly thanks to our export, we have been able to achieve an annual growth by 2 digits, which we expect to continue in the coming years.

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